Monday, March 26, 2012

Canadian Style Bloggers are Awesome!

Especially the tres chic Ariane, from Montreal, who graciously posted a wonderful tribute to the Forest City Fashionista on her blog, Style Montreal Sud-Est .   Thank you so much Ariane, and I hope I can meet you at some point and give you a hug!  Check out Ariane's standout style that includes candy-coloured Doc Martens, fierce glasses and a love of thrifting!

The other Canadian style blogger I have discovered is Melanie, who lives in Vancouver and is the author of the street style blog Culture Serf, and her own personal style blog, Bag and A Beret.  If you think that eye-catching, eclectic style can only be found in New York and Paris, check out these two creative, fabulous women whom I consider kindred spirits.

If you have a favourite Canadian style blogger, send me their link in the comments section and I'll be sure to check them out!


  1. All three of you ladies are amazing! Canadian women clearly have great style.
    You might like to meet Melanie at Vintage Coconut too( she's one of my favourite bloggers, a vintage-loving thrifting chick with a great sense of humour. xxxx

  2. You Canooks ARE awesome! Looking forward in knowing more of youse!

  3. Your are welcome Shelley!
    It was a pleasure to feature you on my blog
    Now the questions is - are there others?


  4. Laura is a Canook, fellow writer and plus forty blogger. Her blog is: