Monday, March 5, 2012

1980's Redux

This leather jacket, found at Talize for $15, inspired a recollection of the angst-filled punk rock/new wave girl I was in my 20's.   Although I'm channeling the spirit, the look is definitely more polished this time round (back then I favoured over-sized men's shirts and suit jackets with skinny black jeans and army boots), but the hair is about the same length.  These pants are my new favourites, purchased at From Mars; it's hard to tell from the photo, but they are black, with a pattern of blue flowers with a bit of a sheen that almost looks like brocade. And then there's the bling...
definitely not punk rock at all - necklace and multi-coloured flower ring from Frankly Scarlett in Port Stanley, other rings picked up here and there.  I rarely ever paint my fingernails because they are always a mess after about an hour, but I fell in love with the blue and green nail polish from the European brand Gosh, that Shoppers Drug Mart is now carrying--it definitely shouts Spring! don't you think?
Don't get in my way, or I'll stomp all over you with my thick-soled docs (did I mention that I'm a huge fan of the comic book/movie character Tank Girl?)


  1. Rock ON - those pants are fabulous! Tank Girl was awesome. Sarah xxx

  2. I love those boots and the pants, so hard rock the way you've worn them, but with flowers to mess with my brain! Your necklace reminds me of a giant insect - in a good way. Why didn't we do our nails like that in the '80s? I don't think they even had blue polish then... Score on the jacket.

  3. Ooh, Sarah Misfit-inspired nails! I'm so conventional, I always paint all my nails the same colour, how dull am I?!
    Great jacket, but the trousers are my favourite, you can see the flowers/brocade effect on the photos.
    I agree with Melanie, the necklace does look like some huge insect, and I love the flower theme to contrast with the tough leather and Docs.
    One of my favourite outfits of yours! xxx

  4. I love those bright nails with the crazy pants! I haven't tried Gosh stuff, it looks very cool in the chemist and now I've seen your nails I could be tempted. x

  5. I love your comb of punk rock spirit and spring nails with jewelry. Your hair is the perfect accessory for this look!

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