Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miscellaneous Stuff That Caught My Eye...

I really liked this guy's hair cut.  He had thick bangs that curved upwards slightly, and the rest of his outfit was very cool (dogtag necklace, 60's style "Beatle boots"), but I couldn't get a clear shot of him because his girlfriend was in the way.
Adorable "Owl" purse in the window of A Gift of Art on Richmond Street.
From Mars is starting to get in their new shoes for spring, and the colours are sooooo pretty.  These metallic blue ones are from Fly London.
Bubble gum pink sandals from Fly London.  Love the criss-cross straps, wish I could wear shoes like these, but alas, the bunions on my feet have other ideas (my 20 year old self would have been appalled to know that I would some day I would have to say that).
The setting sun turned the ice on the rink at Covent Garden Market to gold as a lone skater took advantage of the freezing temperatures.


  1. Great photos. The first guy reminds me a little of Mr Spock!
    I like Fly shoes, I have a pair of sandals from that brand but the fit is quite narrow, which isn't great for my big wide feet!

  2. My fave shoes are Fly London - they are super comfortable and gorgeous.

    Ice skating!

    Sarah xxx

  3. My favorite are the pink sandals, so pretty!

  4. great blog!