Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Feather in Her Cap

I had asked my friend Heather to take a couple of photos of my outfit for my blog, and she caught this one, in which I look rather blissed out (which is definitely not my usual state), and I rather liked it.  I was happy to have taken the new hat out for its debut.  I saw this little wool felt cap complete with velvet bows and curly feathers at Mesh, and it obviously needed a good home.
vintage hat and dress - Mesh, scarf - Winners, sweater - From Mars,
leggings - H&M, boots - From Mars


  1. Love your blissful expression!
    And the outfit is great - very funky, liking the leggings alot! xxx

  2. Absolutely fabulous hat! Love how the feather frames your joyful face. The leggings are the perfect 'hit' of color!

  3. Fabulous Leggings might I add ! This is Meg from Megin's Leggins here, all the way from NYC. love it here. and again, love the leggings hehe

  4. You look about 20 year old, so sassy and cute. Love those leggings and how good your legs look in them! xxx