Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Style Evolution

Was in Commander Salamander, saw this very cool jacket, and wondered who was wearing it
Lo and behold, that would be local music legend, Scott Bentley, or, Steven R Stunning, as he was known in the 80's when he was the singer for glam/punk/rock band 63 Monroe (who are still together, having played a gig as recently as September).  Bentley's style has certainly changed over the years, as there was a time when you would hear him coming before you saw him, with all the clanking and jangling of chains, buckles, belts, etc. (I wish I had a photo of him from those days to post as a "before" photo).  I admired his over-the-top style then, and I like the quieter, stripped-down, but still rock 'n roll, look he has grown into.   I bet the Steven R Stunning of the 80's never imagined that 30 years later, he'd be wearing a jacket he found at Winners.


  1. Stunning jacket! Looks great with the shoes!

  2. Love the jacket - actually have something similar but I'm not a rock star!!

  3. Fabulous jacket and great shoes - this guy has style. Sarah xxx