Saturday, January 7, 2012

She's Lovesick

I had been meaning to post a photo of Kim for some time, and as it happened on this particular day she was wearing a rabbit fur vest that had a former life as a lining of a coat, and her cool platform ankle boots she had purchased online at Modcloth, so it was definitely time for her blog moment.

Kim Petrie opened her store, Lovesick, in Wortley Village 4 years ago.  It was a little slice of vintage heaven (and I do mean little) where you were assured of finding a treasure amongst the stock of women's clothing, purses, shoes, belts, jewellery, all in excellent condition and reasonably priced.  The only downside was that you couldn't have more than 3 customers in the store at the same time before everyone started feeling claustrophobic.  She solved that problem by moving her store to its current location at 723 Richmond Street, near Piccadilly, which is not only bright and spacious, but on a number of major bus routes, making it easier for people to find.  Speaking for myself, it's a bit too easy, as it's on my way home from work, and the contents of my closet have expanded considerably since her relocation.   She also has a facebook fan page for her store, on which she posts links to cool style-related articles and videos.  


  1. Love it! She looks fab and so does her shop. Sarah xxx

  2. I always dreamt of having a vintage store...... I am visiting her facebook page now.

  3. Lovesick looks like a place I would love to visit, and I'm sure I wouldn't leave empty handed. I can understand why your inventory is expanding!