Friday, January 20, 2012


This is my friend Judy, who lives in Toronto.  I had taken this photo when I last saw her in October and kept forgetting to post it (sorry Judy).  Her style is very chic and lady-like, and she is almost always wearing a dress and heels.   She has been honing her style for years, and knows what colours complement her gray hair, and that simple, well-cut pieces are best for her body shape.  The outfit she was wearing that day was a perfect example of her minimalist aesthetic - grey dress layered over black, topped with a bold red architecturally shaped coat, and one piece of statement jewellery.  Judy is as much of a devotee to shoes as I am, so we had to stop by the Fluevog shoe store on Queen Street to do a bit of drooling.  Their shoes are jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but fortunately, for me, don't fit my feet.  Judy has no such problem, and came away with the sleek heeled oxfords in the photo below:
The shoes looked perfect with what she was wearing, so of course she put them on right away.  Even though they were one of the more subdued styles for the brand, the unique details that Fluevog is known for are there--the sculptured heel, the mixing of textures, and the beautiful design on the suede upper.  Elegant, but with a modern, funky edge, just like Judy herself.


  1. Ooh, I am experiencing serious shoe envy! They look fabulous, as does all of Judy's outfit. What a stylish lady! xxx

  2. I want to congratulate you for this great blog, the truth came to this by coincidence, but I've read several articles and I like fabulous, I hope you continue well.

    A hug.