Thursday, January 5, 2012

Every Girl's Crazy for a Sharp-Dressed Man

And there's a story behind this photo of a very sharp dressed man.  I had stopped by Lovesick after work to say hello to Kim, and was walking south on Richmond Street towards the railroad tracks when I saw a man and woman walking towards me.  She was very attractive, and dressed nicely, but my attention was drawn to the guy, with his great hair, sleek overcoat, gloves, etc. (we all know how few men dress well in London), and I was thinking that if it hadn't been dark outside, I would have stopped him to take his photo.  They passed me and I kept walking.  I hadn't gone more than a few steps when I heard running footsteps, and a woman's voice behind me say, "Excuse me, but aren't you the Forest City Fashionista?".   I turned around to see the same woman who had just passed me a few minutes ago.  She was looking for Lovesick, which they had seen on my blog, and wondered if it was close by.  I took her and her companion back to the store and then told him that I would like to take his photo, which I then did in the store.   I was delighted to meet two of my blog fans in person and introduce them to one of my favourite stores.  Good vibes all around!

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  1. You are sooo right about the dearth of men who dress well and the veritable famine of those who can carry off vintage with aplomb. Bravo!
    Jean of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.