Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dark Victory

This woman is demonstrating the way to do head to toe black (actually her boots are taupe...) without looking like Sid Vicious or an undertaker.  There needs to be at least one dash of colour, strong shapes and different textures.  The pants she's wearing are awesome (she said she got them in a store in Cherryhill Mall) and she's balanced them with a fitted jacket.  Add the knit scarf, small cross-body bag, and a bold red lip, and she looks incredibly chic.  Another woman who does the all-black thing very well, and favours the same proportions of a fitted top and wide leg bottoms is Jean of the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.  Jean usually accessorizes with pieces of colourful bakelite jewellery from her huge collection and a marvelous hat.   Both of these women prove that you can wear head to toe black and be anything but drab.


  1. Yes, that outfit looks great. I agree a hat or some big mad old accessory (or bright lipstick) stops it all being too severe. I used to wear lots of black but I'm trying to wean myself off - it can be a safe/dull option unless, as you say, you do something interesting with shape or texture, as this lady has done. x

  2. I will never quit black and love this photo with gorgeous self expression. And Jean is the perfect example of the ultimate 'dark victory!'