Friday, December 9, 2011

Strategic Layering

One thing about the cold weather that I like (actually, the only thing) is that it requires inspired layering when it comes to clothing choices.  I've become a big fan of wearing patterned tights with a mostly black middle layer, then top the whole thing off with some kind of unusual jacket or in the case of the outfit above, a vintage cape.  I found the cape at Jackpot Vintage, and fell in love with the colour combination as well as the fact that it was woven in Wales.
Underneath the cape, a raglan-sleeve pullover made of diamond-shaped pieces of leather stitched together ($7 at Value Village) and a chunky silver necklace from the gift shop at University Hospital (who would have thought that would be a great place to find inexpensive and interesting jewellery?)


  1. I am a cape lover, and this vintage beauty is spectacular. I love how you put this unique, colorful and inspiring outfit together. Bravo!

  2. I adore a cape and Welsh tapestry is another favourite thing of mine. You look absolutely fabulous, I'd definitely come over and tell you how good you looked if I saw you out and about. x