Friday, December 9, 2011

Guest Post - A Met Collaboration

I am having to post from my work computer as my home computer, where my blog photos are residing, is on the fritz, so to speak, which I am trying not to panic about.  Fortunately, one of the vendors at the Met, Sarah Scope, sent me this photo taken by Tina Beynen, a fellow vendor, of Jamie "Batty" Sabot.  Jamie is the owner of Batty's Bath, a bath, body and soap company here in London.  Her stuff is eco-friendly and smells delicious - I am especially fond of the Sun and Sand body butter. I love this photo of Jamie, which shows off her colourful, eclectic style perfectly, and the background goes so well with her knit dress.  Jamie also has a table at the Met until it closes on December 18th.

Thanks very much to Tina for taking the photo and to Sarah for sending it to me. Tina's business is called Sibling Rivalry Jewellery, and you can see her facebook page here.  If you see someone who you think should be on my blog and you are able to take their photo (please ask their permission and inform them what it's for) and send it to me I would be happy to consider it for posting.

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