Saturday, December 17, 2011

Green Means Go!

There was a new vendor at the Met last weekend, sharing a table with her sister, Erin, of Scissorkix.  Alice Opal's business is called "Green Means Go", and her upcycled vintage travel cases would make any boring business trip a lot more fun.  Using decoupage, stencils and fancy trimmings, she turns rather boring but sturdy travel cases into colourful, funky luggage worthy of a trip to Paris.
My personal fave was this bubblegum pink one, which started out life as a boring cream colour.  I would love to take this cheerful, girly case on my next trip to New York where I know it would cause much 'ooohing" and "aaahhing".   As Alice was wearing a very cool pair of boots, I figured I might as well show them off as well.  

Alice Opal's cases will soon be available on Etsy here, and in the meantime, you can contact her at:


  1. Thanks so much for the great write-up and fantastic photos! You can also find me on facebook under GreenMeansGo :)

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  3. Just chanced upon your blog - inspiring unique ladies on board - love it.

  4. Just started following your & realise I am follower number 100! Yeyy!