Sunday, December 18, 2011

At The Met - The Last Hurrah

By the time you are reading this, The Metropolitan Artisans Market will be closed.   For 9 months the place was a unique and positive addition to the downtown core.  I spent quite a bit of time there; first shopping, and then getting to know the vendors.   They couldn't get enough customers to keep it going, although I'm sure the irony was not lost on any of the vendors that the last two weekends they were open were the busiest weekends ever, with many customers who remarked that they were not aware the place even existed, and it was too bad they were closing.  Ah, well....
Blue Christmas (tree)
 Sarah Scope and friend rocking out

The atmosphere this weekend was festive, with Christmas decorations, live music and an opportunity to have your photo taken with the original MET sign, but there was also sadness over the loss of a location where they could display and sell their creations, and where friendships and business contacts had been made.   I will miss my regular weekend visits with Candice, Amber, Ann, Chris, Sarah, Julia, and the other vendors, and I wish them all the best of luck in finding other opportunities for them to sell their work. 
 The young man on the right is wearing a vest made by the woman on the left.
Candice, of Dice Designs, with her ever-present smile, and fun and funky style.  She made the dress she's wearing, which has red dice embroidered near the hem
One of artist Julia Hansford's recent paintings on display at her booth
The FCF with Amber, of Jackpot Vintage - photo by Tina Beynen
This woman, in her lovely embroidered dress, was manning the WENDWOA (West Nile Disadvantaged Women and Orphans Association) booth which sold handcrafts made by women and orphans in West Nile.  After a few minutes of doing the "Don't I know you from somewhere", we realized we had both volunteered with the AIDS Committee of London approximately 20 years ago!
Jamie "Batty" Sabot coordinated perfectly with her sign advertising her "Batty's Bath" handmade soap and body products.
Photographer Norm Wilson gave folks the opportunity to have their photo taken with the original "MET" letters and get a postcard sized print for $5.  I was wearing my red wool 1980's dress that I found at Mesh for $10,  and it happened to match the sign, so how could I resist?  Thanks to Norm Wilson for the photo.


  1. Thank you my friend for the beautiful write up! We so appreciated your ongoing support and as sad as we all are at watching the doors close today, you haven't seen the last of us. Katie and Savannah started something that is grander than us all. If you care(d) about the Met, the London art scene, downtown, shopping local...go to the Met web site and bookmark all the vendor web sites and Facebook pages. We'll do our best to keep you up to date as to "what next"...once we figure it out! HUGE thanks to those who rooted for us all along, and warm wishes for the holiday season.

    Tina Beynen - Joie de Vivre Photography & Sibling Rivalry Jewellery.

  2. You look spectacular in that red dress with boots and belt. Very festive!

  3. What a shame, that looks like an absolutely fantastic venue and such interesting and artistic folk, too.
    You look wonderful in that gorgeous red dress and I'm rather loving that fund-raising lady's Afghani dress, too. x