Monday, December 5, 2011

Arty Farty Party at the Sentimentalist

Store owner Melinda Steffler, and artist Jessica Desparois (right) were the co-hostesses at the Sentimentalist's Grand Opening party this past Saturday.  In addition to the cool vintage clothing and housewares that are always on offer, there were some tasty treats, and a selection of Desparois' linocut prints and funky cross-stitching for sale.  
Linocut is a printmaking technique in which a sheet of linoleum is used for the relief surface.  A design is cut into the linoleum and then inked with a roller and impressed upon cloth or paper.  Jessica's linocuts (two are shown above) have a cheerful and kitschy 1950's sensibility, with images of palm trees, flamingos, trailers, and cowboys.
Desparois recently learned how to do cross stitching, and pictured above is one of her small framed cross-stitched works that feature trailers as a motif.  
Three guys and a gal (the smallest Sentimentalist fan, and the best facial expression)
One of Desparois' animal-themed linocuts


  1. The Sentimentalist looks like a supreme shopping experience!

  2. Wow! Great pics and Thank You! for stopping up to the shop. We had a great time and met some great people.