Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post #500 - "Baby, It's Cold Outside!"

Yep, it's true.  This is my 500th post to this blog - how cool is that?  And speaking of cool, It was pretty darn cold out this morning, and that meant getting out a coat.  Maybe not the down-filled puffer with the fur-trimmed hood, but a real coat nonetheless.   I knew that Lily would have a coat that combined warmth with style, and sure enough, she was wearing the green draped coat she purchased last year and the colour looked wonderful with the fuschia bag she was carrying.
Later this afternoon I ran into Alex, who is one of the most consistently well-dressed men I know.  He was wearing a beautiful black pea coat that he had purchased on a recent trip to Montreal paired with one of his colourful scarves.
I stopped by to say hello to Kim at Lovesick, and took a minute to try on this beautiful fur-trimmed coat.  Fur is very big this year, and Kim has a number of fur and fur-trimmed coats in stock, at excellent prices.  This one did not come home with me, even though I was in love with the cut and the fur collar.  I did, however, find a long navy and green plaid cape that just might be finding a new home in my closet.  I had purchased the blue hat I'm wearing from Lovesick last month, and today was the first day it was cold enough to wear a hat for more than decoration.


  1. I've just read your email and thought I'd pop over and visit your blog before I replied just so I could stalk your style. You are fabulous, so elegant and groovy and you did well to resist buying that astounding coat because you looked fab in it. xxx