Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Not Bad, For London"

One of the many art exhibit openings on Friday night was at the Michael Gibson Gallery and was titled, "Not Bad, For London", which gets my vote for the best art show title ever.  The show features the work of a group of young artists who draw, sculpt, paint, make films, zines, installations and sound art.  The art on display showed the influence of cartoons, comics, graffiti and an acknowledgment of London's rich artistic history. The main room of the gallery contained individual works by Marc Bell, James Kirkpatrick, Amy Lockhart, Jason McLean, Jamie Q, Peter Thompson, and Billy Bert Young, while the middle gallery space featured collaborations by the group.  The opening drew a large crowd and while the art itself was definitely visually engaging, I was more concerned with what people were wearing:
Funky glasses, and a vintage band jacket that had "Scranton" on the sleeve.  Who knew that Scranton would have had such cool uniforms for their marching band?
These two swore they were mortal enemies, but agreed to let me photograph them together.  They look happy enough in the photo, but who knows what happened afterwards...
this pinup girl tattoo on the arm of a young woman caught my eye
This woman looked great in leather, cowboy boots and print scarf
I loved the "45's and cassettes" print on the hoodie that artist Jason McLean was wearing.  He bought it in a store in New York to wear to an opening of a show he was having there. 
One of McLean's pieces in the the show
This young woman was quite happy to show off her gorgeous coat, which she purchased in Collingwood.
two of the collaborative works in the show
Artists James Kirkpatrick (left) and Peter Thompson demonstrate Kirkpatrick's sound installation
Fellow artist Jamie Q plays one of Kirkpatrick's "guitars"

"Not Bad, For London" continues until November 26th at the Michael Gibson Gallery, located at 157 Carling Street.


  1. The "friend" with James Kirkpatrick is another artist whose work was part of the exhibit - Peter Thompson.

  2. Thanks for the information - I've updated my blog to reflect this, and my apologies to Peter Thompson.

  3. The two paintings in the photo just above that one are by Jamie Q and Peter Thompson.