Saturday, November 5, 2011

(Metal) Forest in the Forest City

Artist Blacksmith Scott McKay had a reception for his latest exhibit, titled "Forest in the Forest City", at The Arts Project last night.  I had first seen McKay's metal sculptures at a previous show at The Arts Project, and then at the Metropolitan Artisans' Market.  This show features over 30 pieces of beautiful forest-inspired metal work, with trees being the central motif, as the title suggests.
Scott McKay beside one of his metal trees, which are rooted by strong trunks with branches that either extend gracefully as if blown by a strong wind or coil around the trunk in geometric spirals.
 The trees come in all sizes, from large, fill-the-corner-of-a-room
to table-sized, as in this "Set of Little Trees"
My favourite piece, titled, "Artificial Limb"
detail from "Artificial Limb"
McKay finds all aspects of nature inspires his work, and includes lizards, dragonflies and birds in his "Jungle Lamp"
This line of Mexican hats laid out on a bench hinted that there may be some entertainment
We were treated to the music of Mariachi Mexico Ranchero, which made McKay's opening the only one in London that evening with a Mariachi Band.  He found them on Kijiji (what can't you find on there?) and they are available to play at your event too, just email them at:
 and they had very cool pants!

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  1. very "beetlejuice" like lydias stepmom's artwork so neat