Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Hallowed Be Thy Souls" at Dollirium

On Sunday, October 30th, Jacqui Gallant and Dollirium Art Doll Emporium hosted an opening reception for her latest exhibit, "Hallowed Be Thy Souls", just in time for Halloween and The Day of the Dead.  The dolls and sculptures in the exhibit definitely lean towards the creepy, and include goblins, zombies, fearies and swamp creatures.  They are also meticulously crafted works of art.  The exhibit includes pieces created by London artists Anthony Veilleux, Deb Mellor, Jacqui Gallant and Sarah Legault, and international artists Beth Robinson, Ryan Friant, Sheri DeBow, and Shyla Uglyshyla.   The photos below feature some pieces in the show, their creators, and their fans.
Multi-faceted artist Anthony Veilleux has a number of sculptures in the show, including the ones on the wall behind him.
A close up view of Veilleux's "Bloody Fearie", which features a quote from Labyrinth, one of his favourite films, on the base.
Another of Veilleux's beautifully detailed "Fearies", in resin and mixed media
Jacqui Gallant, with one of her dolls in the exhibit
One of my favourite pieces, a sculpture entitled "Adrian and Sam - Swamp Souls" by Deb Mellor
Philadelphia illustrator and sculptor, Illworx (aka Ryan Friant), created this violin playing blue demon, "Niccolo Diavolo".  For more of his creations see his website.
The sad-eyed doll on the left is by Jacqui Gallant, the one on the right, crafted from California driftwood, clay and found trinkets, is by Sheri DeBow
London artist Sarah Legault's "Halloween Bird", complete with his little trick or treat bag
Samurai Darth Vader dropped by to view the exhibit (and made his own costume!)
Always stylin' local musician Jeremy Hobbs (in his awesome two-tone shoes) and friend were there
This mother and daughter were definitely the best "dress"-ed

The exhibit runs until December 11th.  Dollirium Art Doll Emporium is located at 1 Cliftondale Avenue, behind True Love Tattoo on Wharncliffe Rd.  and is open most days until 7 pm.  There are many pieces in the show priced at $100 or less, so if you are looking for a unique gift for a fan of the dark side, or a work of art that is sure to start a conversation, this is the place to go. 

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  1. Wonderful sculptures - especially the woman with the blue breasts