Friday, November 25, 2011


 knit dress and brown brogues from Lovesick

I turned 50 yesterday.  And it was a bit of a shock, let me tell you.  A friend who has passed the 50 mark, whose birthday I share, told me that the anticipation is often worse than the reality, and for me, that was certainly true.  This was a tough one - after all, when you're 50, you can't say you're young any more, regardless of whether the media has led us to believe that 50 is the new 40.  You're not old either; retirement is still years away, but you've definitely crossed over the line of middle-age.  But aside from the stiff joints, menopause, and frequent moments of "now, what did I come out here for?", I have to say that I feel pretty damn lucky.  Lucky to have made it this far with no life-threatening illnesses. Lucky to be able to walk to the store and carry my groceries home.  Lucky to have money to buy that pair of shoes.  Lucky to have wonderful friends and family who love and appreciate me for who I am.

A large part of what has helped to make this birthday more of a cause for celebration, rather than a mourning of lost youth, are the incredible women I have connected with through Ari Cohen's inspiring blog, Advanced Style.  As we age, we need to see women who are older than we are, living healthy, creative, and purposeful lives, and if you doubt they exist, just look through Ari's blog.   I had the good fortune to meet three of them while I was in New York, and as I look forward to the years ahead, people like Jean, Valerie, Judith and Debra will inspire me to open my heart and my life to new ideas and new people, remind me that a sense of humour is an essential and marvelous thing, and, most important of all--to wear what makes me happy!

The "celebrating with the girls" outfit worn later that night.  Fascinator from Fashion Crimes in Toronto, faux leather jacket from Frilly Lizard, swishy skirt from Talize and kickass birthday boots purchased last year on sale at From Mars.  See photo below for a closeup of their total awesomeness.
*thanks to Heather for the birthday outfit photos!


  1. UGH I just wrote a huge long comment and then it didn't work and it erased everything I'd written! *sigh*

    The jist of what I said was that I think we become ourselves more and more as we age and so, as demonstrated in the Advanced Style blog, fashion is more and more telling and powerful at "advanced" ages. Plus there's so much more time we've had to shop! LOL

    Happy birthday, again, and you are awesome beyond words. Keep rocking your life!!

  2. Erin, thanks for the lovely words, and you are right, we do become more and more ourselves (for better or worse) as we age, and it allows us to care less about other people's opinions on what we wear. I dress for my life, not for anyone else's, and I have fun doing it.

  3. Happy Birthday, you fabulous lady!
    Those kick ass boots are utterly gorgeous. x

  4. Happy Birthday! Beautiful at 50! The knit dress, the shoes, the fascinator, the jacket, and those gorgeous boots. You have been celebrating in style, and there is only more of that to look forward to.

  5. I'm a bit late to this party. I wasn't able to catch up on your blog until now and see I missed your birthday. SO, very happy belated birthday wishes to you! I enjoy your blog and Ari's and the Fashionistas, all of which provide inspiration and a sense of fun. I'm over 60 now and 50 seems very young to me. Keep having fun!
    jill in Ontario

  6. I've only just found your blog an I have to say- you look stunning in that dress and brogues, I absolutely love it! (As I do your blog.)

    Also, of course, a very belated Happy Birthday.

  7. Wow, already 50 but still stylist
    Nice one :D