Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to The Sentimentalist!

The latest, and very welcome, addition to the downtown core, "The Sentimentalist" opened for business on Friday.  I love the design of the door sign; it's like something you would see on the door of a psychic at the turn of the century.
Owner Melinda Steffler has always had a passion for collecting beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories, and housewares from bygone eras, and incorporates this passion into her everyday wardrobe.  The store has a sizeable selection of men's wear, which when I visited included a beautiful pair of spectators in navy blue and grey, and a several pairs of cowboy boots.
Capes were very big on the runways this fall, and this plaid capelet woven in Scotland would look great with a turtleneck, a pair of jeans and some lace-up boots
This beautiful pony skin bag, in pristine condition, was priced at $35
The store is spacious and well organized, and has a room devoted to vintage housewares
I had to get my friend to pose in this super-cozy, bubblegum pink cape
The store also has a selection of jewellery, men's cuff links, and sunglasses.  The Sentimentalist is located on the second floor at 394 1/2 Richmond Street, between Dundas and King Streets, and is open from 11 am - 6 pm Tuesdays - Saturdays.  London now has three stores that stock quality, well-priced vintage clothing and accessories, all within walking distance of Dundas and Richmond;  Lovesick,
 The Sentimentalist, and Jackpot Vintage in the Metropolitan Market.

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  1. I happened to drop by this place when we went to Ontario early 2012. I really wanted that beautiful pony skin bag but during that time the person who assisted me said that someone reserved them. I don't know if I she ever came back for it. I ended up buying a nice cowboy boots.