Sunday, October 2, 2011

Derby Double Header

London's Luscious Lunch Ladies took on the Guelph Royal City Roller Girls in the first game of a double header on Saturday night and after a close game that saw many players knocked to the floor, the Lunch Ladies emerged victorious by a nail-biting margin of 3 points.   After a brief intermission, the Thames Fatales took on Montreal's Filles du Roi, and again, London came out on top with a score of 117 - 92.   For me it was more fun than usual because a friend of mine was playing her first game as a member of the Lunch Ladies, and the entire team played an excellent game - you woul never know they were all new to the sport.
The track was a blur of purple, yellow and blue as the Lunch Ladies (in the yellow and blue) and Guelph (purple) battled it out, with many team members hitting the floor throughout the game.
Lunch Ladies team colours
I'm continually amazed at the creativity when it comes to derby names
A group of hard core fans flaunted their green and black prior to the Thames Fatales game

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  1. Looks like quite the sport! The nail polish speaks a thousand words.