Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Frugal Fashion for Fall

As of Friday, it's officially Fall, people!  I love Fall - the transitional season of chilly nights (throw a blanket on the bed) and crisp, cool days when you can wear a jacket, and real shoes before Winter reduces us to a shivering mass of pale, down-filled coat and Sorel-clad whiners pining for the heat of summer.  Given that Fall is known to be far shorter than the three months indicated by the calendar, I am taking full advantage of the layering possibilities the season inspires.  I found the Simon Chang jacket at the May Court consignment store on Dundas Street for $10 (score!), and wearing it over a hooded sweater vest I picked up at Talize.   Add jeans from Value Village and El Naturalista shoes from the Balisi outlet store in Toronto, and I have an outfit that cost less than $100, shoes included.

Speaking of secondhand shopping, FCF's project for this fall is to put together a comprehensive list of where to shop for secondhand clothing in London.  The list will be divided into Consignment, Vintage, and Used and I welcome your input as to what stores are included on the list.  We all know about the Goodwills, Salvation Army thrift Stores and Value Village, but what about those little consignment stores tucked away in the corner of a plaza somewhere?  I'm familiar with the majority of secondhand stores in London, but if you have a favourite out-of-the-way shop, and don't mind sharing the location with me (I completely understand a reluctance to divulge the location of your private goldmine of vintage), please provide the name and address, and if possible, the hours of business so I can check it out. 


  1. Green shoes with green sweater next to manikin = perfection.

  2. I love fall too! We get to wear nice comfortable pants and coats when we're outside, and get to snuggle under blankets with hot drinks (and hopefully with hot people) when we're inside.

  3. Fall is far too short... I would be happy to have Fall weather year round. I was just thinking that I need a list of second hand shops while reading your blog. It would be so great for you to do this. I wonder if there is a handy way to make it in a map form? There may be an app out there for this.