Monday, August 1, 2011

While We're On the Topic of Accessories...

I've found the Metropolitan Artisans' Market to be a great place to find inexpensive and fun accessories, particularly jewellery.  Not only is there a good selection of items for sale, I also get inspired by what some of the vendors are wearing:
Charmain, who sells very cool bags and clothing made from recycled fabrics (check out her website), shows off her bold rings and awesome belt/bag from Fairies Pyjamas.
Ann, who reinvents discarded jewellery into one of a kind necklaces, rings and earrings (find her on Facebook at Ann-Rompf-Designs) also loves her accessories.   I've purchased a few things from her recently, including:
this ring, which was $10
and this necklace, which reminds me a bit of chainmail, for $30


  1., tats (I said 'tats'!) and!

  2. And that's a great belt she has on too.

  3. I have bought 3 pieces of jewelry from this lovely woman - an owl ring and two lovely necklaces.