Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why I Like My Neighbourhood

I've lived in what has been picturesquely designated as "Old East Village" for about 20 odd years, and while I would be the first to agree that it's a neighbourhood with more than its share of challenges, I have enjoyed living here for a number of reasons that include:  the wonderfully eclectic mix of people, the collection of secondhand stores (one of the best for mid-century modern furniture at great prices is Funky Find, on Dundas street between Adelaide and Elizabeth), unique businesses like the Mystic Bookshop and the East London Coffee Shop, and proximity to the London Farmer's Market at the Western Fair.    I also like it because I never know what I might see when I get off the bus after work (this can be both a good and bad thing).  One day last week in the space of two blocks, I saw this:
This table set was outside one of the used furniture stores on Dundas, and in my many years of perusing secondhand stores I have never seen anything like it.  The faux marble tops remind me of melting vanilla ice cream that has been mixed with chocolate syrup.  Who has that much faux marble in their living room? (I want to know what the rest of the furniture looked like).  Just look at the detail on the legs:
And, from crazy furniture from decades past, to nature's glory, all in a block and a half:
This is only one of a beautiful collection of rose bushes on this property, and it's a treat to walk by in the early summer when they're all in bloom.

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