Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When I am Old I Shall Wear.....Whatever the Hell I Want

As many of you know, Ari Cohen's Blog Advanced Style is on my list of mandatory reads.  The women "of a certain age" that he finds to photograph continue to amaze, delight and inspire me, and give me hope that I will still be able to rock some standout style into my 70's and 80's.  Some of them are so over the top that they induce the "Squee!" response, such as the woman on his most recent post, Christina:


  1. Oh boy, ditto, for sure! And aren't they the coolest sunglasses that she's wearing?! Priced at about $350, a little beyond my budget, though.
    jill in Ontario

    1. Fully agree with you. And thanks for the interesting blog, particularly for this article. And your comment.

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  3. Hella agree with you! I think it's so stupid to say that some clothing are inappropriate because of the age. I mean, as far you're wearing your size - everything else isn't matter. And also your look is only your deal. No one should tell you what to wear. Especially important to remember that it works for seniors only. Not long also I wrote a paper about ageism for HitTheGrade and I found out how hard the life of senior can be!

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