Monday, July 25, 2011

Metropolitan Struts it's Style

It was a very busy Sunday; absolutely chock full of blog-worthy events, including the Metropolitan Artisans' Market Fashion Show.  The show featured clothing and accessories from the various vendors, and for the most part was an impressive first effort.  If I was to give any kind of suggestion for next time, it would have to be, "slow down".  This is the second indie fashion show I have attended this year where the commentator has raced through the descriptions of the outfits at such breakneck speed that it becomes a jumble of unintelligible noise, and  I (and everyone around me) had no idea what vendors the outfits were from because there were no hard copy programs.   Fortunately, the Met is small enough that if you saw something you liked, you could find out where it was by asking someone, or just taking a walk around.   Below are some of my favourite looks from the show:
Socks and necktie from Uber Cool Stuff
Tapestry and patchwork (the coat wasn't for sale, which broke my friend's heart)
Some flashy leggings from Megins Leggins
The youngest model did an excellent job under the watchful eye of her Dad (in the checked shirt behind the post)
Chainmail from Hawthorne OnDisplay
There were a few pieces of funky vintage in the show, including this shirt
Colourful summer wear from Integrity Designs

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