Monday, June 20, 2011

Seen on the Street During Nuit Blanche

This performer from HerciniArts Collective did not choose the most flattering place to drape herself, but she looked very pretty doing it.
"A Gaze Returned", by artist Charles Vincent (whom I remember from when he used to go by "Chaz") was installed in the window of the Metropolitan Artisans' Market
Facepainter extraordinaire, Lindsay, showed off her wings
While Marina demonstrated her dexterity with a hoop
AudioForge, which was a combination of metal and music featuring Blacksmiths/metal artists Scott McKay (in photo above) and Jeff Werkmeister, and musicians Jeremy Hobbs and Tom Heyda.  The combination of the music, the rhythm of metal striking metal, and the sparks from the welding torches had a hypnotic effect and many people stood for a long time in the warm night entranced by the spectacle outside the John Labatt Centre.

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