Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roller Derby - A New Season

Yep, it's that time again--a new season of Roller Derby, with the first home game held this weekend, with our own Thames Fatales taking on Buffalo's Nickel City Knockouts.  For a while it seemed as if the Fatales were going to have clear sailing through to a victory, as it took the Knockouts the first half of the game to find their footing.  By the second half, Buffalo's score started to climb and the hits got harder and there were more injuries in this game than I've ever seen, but in the end, the Fatales triumphed (as we knew they would!).   As always, there were a few people whose style stood out:
Like this guy, in his kilt and hat
And this ref, with her red hotpants, teal tights and flowered helmet
I had seen this couple downtown a few days ago, and thought they looked like they would be Roller Derby fans, and I was right.  She plays on the Windsor team, and it was their first time to a London match.  I love the coordination of the black with faded denim, and matching converse.
I love the colourful patterned knee socks worn by the skaters--I'm looking for a pair of black and green striped ones to wear to Derby if anyone knows where I can get some
Yours truly, decked out in all the black and green I had in my closet, with Tracy (aka Back Alley Sally), who is a follower of my blog and one of my favourite players (even in the penalty box)

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