Sunday, May 1, 2011

Downtown Welcomes the New "Met" - Part 2

This was one of my favourite pieces of art - a painting in acrylic and ink by Julia Hansford.  Yes, those are robot/demon-like birds in the chandelier.  As I'm in the midst of moving to a new apartment, the art budget is currently non-existent, so this one went home with someone else, but I did score a small painting for an incredibly reasonable price.
I'd like to think this man got dressed up just to come to the Grand Opening, but whether or not that was the case, I still admired the red buttons on his shirt and the pocket square trimmed to match.
Andrea is the designer behind Peanut Parade.  She makes these cool "scrap scarves" out of scraps of fabric, yarn and ribbon (as you can see on the table in front of her) as well as handmade cards.  I fell in love with the colours in the scarf she was working on, so it was sold before she even finished it.   She also sells her work on Etsy here.
A happy customer in her new "Scrap Scarf" she purchased from peanutparade
Could not resist taking a photo of this young woman in her various shades of green and fun jewellery.  After complimenting her on her acid green tights, I learned that her name is Nicole Markham and she has a blog called ecovegfootprint that documents her experience living an eco-friendly life (and features some tasty-sounding vegan recipes).

For more information about the Metropolitan Artisans Market and the artists who were selling their work this weekend, visit the Met website

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