Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roller Derby - A New Season

Yep, it's that time again--a new season of Roller Derby, with the first home game held this weekend, with our own Thames Fatales taking on Buffalo's Nickel City Knockouts.  For a while it seemed as if the Fatales were going to have clear sailing through to a victory, as it took the Knockouts the first half of the game to find their footing.  By the second half, Buffalo's score started to climb and the hits got harder and there were more injuries in this game than I've ever seen, but in the end, the Fatales triumphed (as we knew they would!).   As always, there were a few people whose style stood out:
Like this guy, in his kilt and hat
And this ref, with her red hotpants, teal tights and flowered helmet
I had seen this couple downtown a few days ago, and thought they looked like they would be Roller Derby fans, and I was right.  She plays on the Windsor team, and it was their first time to a London match.  I love the coordination of the black with faded denim, and matching converse.
I love the colourful patterned knee socks worn by the skaters--I'm looking for a pair of black and green striped ones to wear to Derby if anyone knows where I can get some
Yours truly, decked out in all the black and green I had in my closet, with Tracy (aka Back Alley Sally), who is a follower of my blog and one of my favourite players (even in the penalty box)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Retired Professor

Gloria has appeared on my blog before, and is one of the most consistently well put-together, and inspiring women I know.  As she is now officially retired from our faculty, I won't be seeing her or her incredible collection of shoes,  (the ones she is wearing here came from Jasper, BC) so we had to do a final blog post photo.  This is what 60 can look like. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Forest City Fashionista is on Team Bill

Just saw the Bill Cunningham documentary at the Hyland yesterday and it is every bit as good as I had hoped.  The footage of him scouring the streets of New York on foot or on his bicycle, searching for people to photograph reminded me a bit of some of my afternoon patrols downtown, looking for that one person who stands out.  There are some interviews with some of Cunningham's favourite subjects, including style icon Iris Apfel, and a former UN diplomat who has a wardrobe of suits made of everything from furniture upholstery to fabric printed with letters of the alphabet, including boots to match.  I smiled all the way through it, except for an awkward moment when the filmmaker seems determined to get some dirt on Cunningham's personal life.   If you like photography, fashion, eccentric characters or just love New York city, you'll enjoy this film.  It's playing at the Hyland until Thursday, May 26th.  See the Hyland website for times.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Red Tabi Socks

Check out the very cool Japanese Tabi socks with soles that I spotted at the Covent Garden Market this week.  The wearer got them in Japan, and finds them very comfortable to wear.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stripes on a Sunny Saturday

Comfy cotton layers set off by red braids, striped leggings, and bright turquoise shoes--a great outfit for a sunny, but chilly, Saturday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bill Cunningham Documentary Opens at Hyland This Week

If you're a fan of my blog, or any other that has a "Seen on the Street" theme, you may want to get yourself to the Hyland Theatre on Wharncliffe Road sometime between May 20th and May 26th for the premiere London showing of  Bill Cunningham New York, a documentary about the original "street style" fashion photographer.  The film follows the life and work of 82 year old fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, who rides his Schwinn bicycle all over the streets of New York city to chronicle New York style for his two weekly photo columns for the New York Times. 

Bill Cunningham's work has inspired many other "street style" photobloggers such as The Sartorialist and yours truly.  I had always enjoyed his "On The Street" videos that can be watched on the online version of the NY Times, and greatly admired how he maintained a constant enthusiasm for documenting what people wore, yet he remained a low key, self-effacing guy in a workman's jacket or patched raincoat. 

A friend of mine specifically requested that the Hyland bring this film to London, so my thanks to Sandra, and to the Hyland for responding to her request.   Please support the Hyland, as they are the only theatre to give London film fans regular access to foreign films, documentaries, and other indie flicks that we would have to travel to Toronto to see. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Style at the Farmers' Market

Lisa has a booth at the Farmers' Market at the Fairgrounds that sells fun and colourful kitchen accessories.  I like her combination of chic neutral colours, set off with a unique necklace and funky glasses.
The man on the right is Wally, owner of the Verandah Cafe, and a regular shopper at the Farmers' Market.  I've seen him around my neighbourhood for years and he is always wearing his trademark hat and bright colours.  The guy on the left sells great savoury spreads (Basil Mustard anyone?) and oils at his little corner booth.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Brights at the Handmade Festival

Heather, from the Practice Loft Yoga Studio, was all decked out in sunny yellow and Spring green as she manned her table at the Handmade Festival, held May 7th at the Central Library.  A number of local crafters and artists were selling jewellery, cards, stuffed toys, scarves, etc.  Heather definitely was the most colourful person there, and was wearing the most awesome shoes (she loves shoes as much as I do).  She is also wearing one of her own yarn creations in her hair.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspired by Cinco de Mayo

I hadn't taken a photo of Pauline for a while and I was lucky enough to get a shot of her in what she referred to as her "Cinco De Mayo" outfit.  (Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for "fifth of May", and is a holiday celebrated in the US and Mexico--you can read more about it here).   She does have some  Spanish style going on with the ruffled skirt and silver and turquoise necklaces.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday, May 7th saw more people in the downtown core than usual, one main reason being that it was Free Comic Book Day, which takes place on the first Saturday in May, and is the one day when all participating comic book stores around the world give free comics to people who come in their store.   Local comic stores such as Heroes and The Comic Book Collector had day-long lineups to get into their store, and there were a few people who got in the spirit of the day by dressing up as their favourite superhero or Sci-fi fantasy character.   Perhaps city planners should take note--how to get more people downtown?  Give em free comics!
Princess Leia, ready to kick some Storm Trooper ass
Batman, Batgirl and Thor came out to get free comics
These two young woman were dressed as  "Delirium" and "Death" from the Sandman Series (thanks to the commentors who provided this information)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Colour Inspiration

I was inspired by the leaves that are beginning to open on the trees and the crocuses and hyacinths that are popping up, so purple and green seemed to be the colours of the day.  The army-style jacket is by Bench before the brand became available in every department store, the scarf is from Winners, and I got to show off the new green, wedge-heeled sandals I picked up for half price the end of last summer.  It wasn't quite warm enough for bare feet, but striped purple socks solved that problem.   I'm also wearing a pin made by a Toronto artist from recycled fabric and buttons that I purchased that day at Frilly Lizard on Talbot Street because it matched everything I was wearing.  Thanks again to Pauline for her patience and photography skills.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Downtown Welcomes the New "Met" - Part 2

This was one of my favourite pieces of art - a painting in acrylic and ink by Julia Hansford.  Yes, those are robot/demon-like birds in the chandelier.  As I'm in the midst of moving to a new apartment, the art budget is currently non-existent, so this one went home with someone else, but I did score a small painting for an incredibly reasonable price.
I'd like to think this man got dressed up just to come to the Grand Opening, but whether or not that was the case, I still admired the red buttons on his shirt and the pocket square trimmed to match.
Andrea is the designer behind Peanut Parade.  She makes these cool "scrap scarves" out of scraps of fabric, yarn and ribbon (as you can see on the table in front of her) as well as handmade cards.  I fell in love with the colours in the scarf she was working on, so it was sold before she even finished it.   She also sells her work on Etsy here.
A happy customer in her new "Scrap Scarf" she purchased from peanutparade
Could not resist taking a photo of this young woman in her various shades of green and fun jewellery.  After complimenting her on her acid green tights, I learned that her name is Nicole Markham and she has a blog called ecovegfootprint that documents her experience living an eco-friendly life (and features some tasty-sounding vegan recipes).

For more information about the Metropolitan Artisans Market and the artists who were selling their work this weekend, visit the Met website