Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unbound - Part 1

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending "Unbound", a fashion show featuring the collections of the Fanshawe College Fashion Design students who are graduating this year.  The show was held at Museum London, and as this was my first time attending the Fanshawe fashion show, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was very impressed with the clothing as well as the overall professionalism of the show.  Given the number of photos I have from the evening, I'm going to split this post into 3 parts.   The first features some of the stylish fashion fans and designers I met prior to the show.
Draped in black, accessorized with gold
Most men were content to wear some variation of basic black, but not this guy, whose companion didn't stand a chance competing against a flag-covered leather jacket. 
Easily the coolest leg-wear I saw all night
A member of the graduating class of design students in black and white
This young woman was wearing a striking dress made by one of last year's graduates of the Fashion Design program
Graduating design student Caitlin Haveman was channeling a byegone era in an adorable print dress of her own design.  Photos of some her designs, as well as those from the other students whose collections were in the show, will appear in a later post.


  1. The fella with the flag Jacket is sporting a rare piece of 80s vintage! I SALUTE HIM!

  2. I love the high top converse with the cute dress!!! Very chic!!!!!