Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unbound - The Finale

To conclude my three-part post on the Fanshawe College Fashion Design Students' fashion show, UnBound, here are more photos of what the audience was wearing (yours truly included).
I want a lesson in scarf-wrapping from this guy
This young lady brought some 1920's flair to the evening with a dress that she made herself
This woman attended the show with her granddaughter.  I like the mix of patterns and layers, and the  way the purple sets off her hair and skin tone.
And then there's me, with an expression on my face that seems to imply that I've had one too many cocktails, except that I hadn't had any.  Perhaps it was the very attractive and charming guy that was taking my photo.  Nonetheless, this is what I wore, and it was kind of fun being able to take up that much space with my skirt, which was on loan for the evening  (it's the same silver crinoline that was featured in the "Anti-Fashion Fashion Show" a few posts back)


  1. Weee! Crinoliney goodness..:)
    Crinolines have a magic that makes me feel great whenever I wear one.
    Kudos to the Flapper Gal. Mossy green satin is delicious.

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