Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unbound - The Collections

Overall, the collections from the graduating designers were very wearable, and featured a lot of linen, interesting shapes, and shades of cream, grey, and brown.  There were some great wide leg trousers, which I was happy to see, and some creative embellishments on shoulders and backs of jackets.
Mel McCartney, who won the award for best collection, showed dresses that incorporated interesting shapes and a creative use of multiple fabrics
There was a great deal of "Mad Men" influence on the runway as dresses reached to just above the knee and featured pretty feminine detailing that Joan would be only to happy to wear to work at Sterling Cooper.  This gold and cream dress was designed by Samantha Thomson
I loved these wide leg trousers in Jame's Bailey's collection
Marisa Crandall was one of the few designers in the show who used bright colours
Erica Randi Kai Henry incorporated leather into her designs, including this one that had strong references to the 1950's in the shape and sheer sleeves and neckline.
The flower applique on the back of this jacket designed by Jaclyn Hall was quite beautiful, although maybe not the best thing to wear if you sit in a chair all day.  There were a few pairs of shorts in the show, and they had interesting details, and the length made them wearable by women over 20 as long as you've kept your legs in pretty good shape.
These fringe-trimmed pants moved so fluidly on the model as she walked--they were part of Caitlin Haveman's 1940's inspired collection, and my personal favourite piece in the show.
Another example of unusual detailing on the back of a blouse designed by Breanne Gatien


  1. Some really nice shots here. I loved the one with models coming and going, the crowd applauding and the model on the large screen visible well in the background. What a complete story in one picture.

    It is great when you put action in your images, such as the second last shot with the foot in mid-step as the model walks the runway.

    And for me, the available light approach adds to the delight. You give volume to the clothing rather than flattening them with a burst of straight-on strobe.

    You caught the model in the brightly coloured dress, her hair gently backlit, a flash of blue activating the background at an almost picture perfect moment.

    Really nice work!

    (Did I say I was impressed with your bold cropping in lots of these shots?)

  2. Wow! Great pics and fabulous designs. Fanshawe Grads never disappoint!

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