Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Dolled Up and Cutting a Rug at Cherryhill - Part 2

More photos from the Seniors' Dance at Cherryhill Mall:
Some of the women took such care in the way they were dressed, like this woman, in black with pearls (set off nicely by her husband in gray)
This little girl in her pink flowered dress and funky little booties was up dancing with her Mom and having a great time watching the other dancers.
I loved the plaid tie worn by this gentleman who said he had just come from church.
These two win the prize for being the couple most fun to watch.  You couldn't miss her snow white hair, bright blue jacket and incredible smile, and she was jiving and twirling with the energy of someone half her age.  He was easily the most striking man on the floor in his print shirt, neatly trimmed beard and black pants.


  1. Love it! Soon Cherryhill library will be my new employment digs! :-)

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