Friday, March 4, 2011


I was browsing in the store "A Gift of Art", on Richmond Street a couple of weeks ago, and my eye was caught by this:
By "this", I mean the gigantic ring on my forefinger.  It wasn't on my forefinger when I saw it, it was just sitting ever so nicely on a shelf surrounded by a lot of other silver rings that had a similar style, but were not nearly as jaw-dropping as this one.  It's made by an artist named Patrick Stevens, from an piece of antique silverware, a fork to be exact.  I love the way he has shaped the tines of the fork into a spiral so that it sits on my hand perfectly, and the shape complements the other rings that I wear.  The prices of his rings are very reasonable as well.  You can see his other designs at "A Gift of Art", as well as lots of other unique and reasonably priced items made by local artists.

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