Friday, March 11, 2011

Forest City Fashionista Blogging for OurLondon

The kind folks at the website OurLondon asked me if I would be interested in blogging for them, so as of today, you will be able to see me over there as well (it's all just part of my master plan to take over all of the media outlets in London).  The posts will be similar, if not the same as what you're getting here, but if you haven't been to the site, I would definitely recommend a visit--there's a good mix of local news stories, event listings, general info about the Forest City, and contributions from bloggers such as myself, Kelly, from City Mom and Ken, of Rockin On: The Blog.   A number of the writers, including the Content Manager, Laura Downs, are graduates of Western's Master of Arts in Journalism program.  As my (paid) working life is spent assisting these students as they go through the program,  I'm happy to see them putting their writing skills to good use.

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  1. Ya I'm so excited to be 'working' with you! Hopefully we all get to meet up some day soon! Congrats on your work with OurLondon.