Monday, March 14, 2011

The Artist and her Palette

Maureen Riley (pictured above) is one of those people who make you feel better about the world, and yourself, just by having a conversation with her--she is an incredibly talented painter, and a very positive, caring person.  Her paintings focus on women, in their various roles as mother, daughter, sister, lover, goddess, angel, etc. and are executed in beautiful jewel-like colours that manage to look like watercolours.   She will often work with various themes--one of her shows featured works inspired by the songs on Laurie Anderson's 1989 album "Strange Angels".  Maureen also has her own style, which for as long as I've known her, consists of wearing primarily black, but she always adds a creative, colourful accent such as a fabric bag, a jacket with embroidered panels, or as in this case, a beautiful piece of vintage jewellery, that given her vocation, is completely appropriate:
The pin is from a line of enameled copper jewellery made by a California jewellery company, Renoir, in the 1950's.  This particular line was called "Matisse", and is very collectible.

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