Monday, March 7, 2011

The "Anti Fashion" Fashion Show - Part 2

 This was the outfit that I would definitely wear--leather and a silver crinoline from The Sentimentalist
The three outfits from The Sentimentalist - definitely channeling the 1950's
Have no idea where this dress was from, but it certainly shows off her kickass tattoo
One of the pro-feminist t-shirt designs featured in the show
Lindsey Cherrett (who is also one of the cheerful staff at Hasbeans in the Covent Garden Market) did the cool face paint on the models in the show--thanks to the readers who helped me out (and to Lindsey herself, I knew I recognized you from somewhere!)
some wise words on a long-sleeved T
Can't go wrong with black and white
The show ended with some cute knitted hats, scarves, and hoods.  If you're interested in more info about any of the clothing in the show,  please contact Sarah Scanlon at the Sexual Assault Centre of London.


  1. I don't know her name, but I know the girl that did the makeup! Well, sort of. She works at Hasbeans with the fabulous Joel (or at least, she used to). I know that doesn't help a LOT, but I totally recognize her, husbeast just confirmed it was her too.

  2. It's Lindsay! or maybe Lindsey?
    However you spell it, she's obviously done an awesome job here -- and is so friendly everyone knows she works at Hasbeans...She's also a great MOM!

  3. Hey y'all! My name is Lindsey Cherrett. Thanks for the recognition!

  4. Looks like a fab event! I'm sorry to have missed it!

  5. Looks fun! And the show ended with hats!