Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Anti Fashion" Fashion Show - Part 1

I went to the "Anti-Fashion" Fashion Show hosted by Amazon Collective and the Sexual Assault Centre on Friday night, at the APK on Wellington Street.  I was disappointed that the people in the audience didn't take the opportunity to have some fun with their clothes, given the theme of "anti-fashion", but most of the attendees,  primarily women, with a few young guys thrown in, seemed to take that to mean jeans and sweaters, and as is often the case, the Forest City Fashionista felt a bit overdressed (just for the record, everything I wore was thrifted).   The outfits presented featured local "Environmentally Friendly, Socially Conscious, and Sweatshop Free" clothing, from retailers such as Tribal Mountain, Talize, The Sentimentalist, and Ten Thousand Villages.   Unfortunately, there was no hard-copy program that listed what clothing was from where, and although MC Sarah Scanlon gave an introduction to each section, she's one of the fastest talkers I've ever heard, so it was difficult to tell, and remember, where the outfits came from.  The second half featured a lot of t-shirts with witty, pro-feminist, anti-establishment (how 1960's does that sound) messages made by P'Lovers, Unlearn, and Empowerment.   I was happy to see the eclectic group of models in a range of ages, sizes and styles that were used to show the clothing.  Below are some photos from the show, more to follow
MC Sarah Scanlon from the Sexual Assault Centre
Nice Coat!
Nautical stripes, military braid, and bold colours
 Two outfits from Tribal Mountain
cozy and casual from Talize
This woman was one of my favourite models--she brought a funky vibe and great energy to everything she wore, including this layered look from Talize
One of my personal favourites - girly pinstripes


  1. The model that did the cartwheel was awesome!

    I dig the girly pinstripes also and Janis did a great job modeling this cute little number.

  2. Love the beige coat!! So cute paired with those white shoes! That person seems to have an awesome sense of style!

  3. I love the idea of moving away from wrapping the outside to living from the insdie out...well done, great idea!

  4. Wished I had been able to attend!

    And, btw, I always feel overdressed!

  5. There can be no such thing as a Anti-Fashion Fashion Show.
    This is not even Anti-Fashion-Fashion.
    Casual / Bad Taste fits the theme.
    I am sorry, please read about
    fashion theory.