Saturday, February 12, 2011

On The Bus - Leather Pants

Those of you who know my wardrobe know that I have a fondness for leather skirts and pants.  In the winter I find them warm and practical layering pieces, and as I usually buy vintage leather, I don't feel guilty about getting dirt or slush on a pair of leather pants I paid $10 for.  Unfortunately, when you mention leather clothing, one immediately conjures up visions of what you wear to ride a Harley, or an outfit suitable for a fetish club (not that there's anything wrong with either of these, in the right context).  I try to find unusual colours and styles that don't scream biker or dominatrix.  That was a long introduction to the above photo featuring a pair of very funky, over-sized (but not ridiculously so) black leather pants worn by a guy I saw on the Adelaide bus last night.  As it's not common to see people wearing leather pants, I had to try to get a photo. I really wanted to ask him where he got them, but I was afraid he might think I was making fun of him.


  1. I love my leather pants and wear them all the time. They sure come in handy during this freezing winter!!

  2. I never thought as leather pants as being practical...but I have now learned that they keep you warm in the Winter!

  3. I love leather jeans style pants. And if I'm the only guy who wears them then so what. I'm cool with that. I feel you should wear what you like instead of wearing what everyone else is wearing. Too many people dress alike as it is. We don't need anymore.