Monday, February 14, 2011

At the Farmers' Market - Great Style and a Great Smile

I made my first visit to the Farmer's Market at the Western Fairgrounds this past weekend.  Not sure why I hadn't been there before, given that it's in my neighbourhood, but I will certainly be making a return trip.  I was impressed with the variety of delicious food for sale (try the chili and cheese pies, and the 72% cocoa hot chocolate).  There were lots of people shopping, or just sitting and enjoying a snack or a coffee.  There are crafts and a nice coffee place on the second floor, where I saw this young woman, whose adorable pixie haircut and great smile prompted me to ask if I could take her photo.  Her choice of scarf and necklace works wonderfully with the rest of her outfit, and shows that you don't have pile on a lot of jewellery or fussy accessories to make a simple dress into a unique style statement.


  1. I agree with that. Apart from with cocktail rings, my mantra is usually less is more...I actually thought it was Natalie Portman on first glance - wish I could rock a pixie cut like that.

  2. Totally love this outfit! In reality I am sure it was so simple to put together, but I can't seem to get it right like that! Good on her :)