Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweater Girl

When I found this cotton-knit sweater at Value Village, I immediately got a picture in my mind of someone's grandmother or great-aunt knitting it for them for Christmas, and their horrified expression when they opened the box and tried to look like they really liked it.  Of course, they promptly put it in a charity donation bag, and for a mere $6.99, it was mine! (sorry Grandma)  It's certainly the anti-thesis of Lana Turner sweater girl sexy, but I like the pattern, and it makes a great dress for cold days layered with a turtleneck and tights.  I've worn it a lot since I got it over the holidays and am amazed with the number of colours it works with.


  1. Love it! How do you ever manage to look good in everything?? You are too cool! :D
    (And I also love the red socks! Those are awesome!)

  2. I would've totally overlooked this sweater while shopping... and then you make it look brilliant! I love the styling :) You have skills!