Saturday, January 22, 2011

FCF on Top Ten List of London Blogs

I was checking out my blog stats today (something I do occasionally, just to see if anyone out there is paying attention), and I discovered that Forest City Fashionista was named one of the top ten blogs in London for 2010 on the website Our London.  How cool is that?  Apparently this list came out in early December, and I'm guessing none of you knew about it either, as I would have expected to get  a congratulatory phone call or email.   I have no idea who decided who made the list (was it you, Laura?), but an accolade is an accolade, and I'll take it, and say Thank You Very Much.
For a list of the rest of London's Top Ten Blogs, go to:
And, I am in the Fashion Advice section along with Weezi: