Sunday, January 16, 2011

Borrowing From the Boys

I have been wanting to post about some of the great finds I have picked up at various thrift stores the past few weeks, as well as my favourite purchase this winter--these amazing boots, made by a company called Palladium.   I was also quite happy with the rest of my outfit, which includes an argyle sweater from the Fracshions store in Toronto and men's jeans by FCUK found at Value Village.
Palladium started out in 1920 producing tires for the aviation industry, but when that market dried up, they opened a plant in France in 1947 that made boots that were worn by the French Foreign Legion.  I had heard of this company before, but hadn't seen their products in person til I found these boots at Apocalypse, on Talbot Street.  These particular ones are men's, but they do make women's as well, of similar design.  Why do I love them so much?  Well, for starters, they are incredibly comfortable, and the rubber soles have great grip, even on the thick ice that was covering a lot of our sidewalks back in December.  The rubber toe cap protects them from the leather-destroying salt on the roads and sidewalks, and this particular colour goes with everything (and has the wonderful name "chinchilla"), AND, they were reasonably priced.  Their only drawback is that they are not lined, so on extremely cold days, extra socks are required. 

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  1. Awesome boots! I need to check them out-- not like I need any more shoes. Oy...