Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Fracshion of the Regular Price...

When I was in Toronto I stumbled on a store called Fracshions, which is the outlet store for Balisi, home of stylish clothing and footwear by Jump, Eject, El Naturalista and more.  The sign in the window said "All Footwear 70% Off" (this was a special sale), and I believe my heart may have stopped for a moment.  In addition to the fabulous pair of apple green El Naturalista wedge heels I picked up for a song (see photo below), I had a great conversation with the young woman who was working there.  In addition to being very friendly and helpful, she had her own cool style--the belted sweater dress topped with a blazer, cute two-tone shoes, and the statement piece necklace that she wears every day.  It was a stellar shopping experience all around, and if you're in Toronto, I would recommend a visit.

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