Saturday, December 11, 2010

BeeHives Bubbles & Bows!

Attention ladies! If you're looking for something to do tomorrow (that would be Sunday, December 12th), why not check out "BeeHives Bubbles & Bows" at Weezi Design Studio at 204 Albert Street?   From 1 pm - 7 pm, you can get a Beehive or some Victory Rolls (retro hair styles, for those of you born after 1980) courtesy of Scissor Kitty, for the ridiculously low price of $15 - $20, pick up some yummy eco-friendly bath products from Batty's Bath, and check out some of the latest retro-inspired girly-goodness at Weezi.  Sounds like a great idea for a girl's afternoon to me.  For more info, check out Weezi's website.

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