Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On the Street - The Forest City Fashionista

Caught on one of my Saturday afternoon walkabouts wearing my very comfortable and funky pants by The Fairies Pyjamas (they make noise when you walk because of all the zippers, etc. on the legs!), grey jacket, From Mars, blue backless turtleneck vest thing, From Mars, worn over another turtleneck shirt, and necklace from Forever 21.  Thanks to Sophie at From Mars for the photo.


  1. You're hair is pink is this photo! I was hoping to see it plum! :)
    Cute necklace! I heard that they're opening a Forever 21 here in London! I hope it's true! :D

  2. As of this past Tuesday, it is plum, at least the top of it. The rest of it is kind of golden brown. Have to see if I can work the new colour combination; it's a drastic change from the blonde/pink.