Saturday, November 6, 2010

Joel - Covent Garden Market's Style Icon

There are times where I will walk through the Covent Garden Market just to see what Joel is wearing that day (c'mon, admit it, there are others of you out there who do the same).  He takes the concept of individual style to a whole new level, and it was suggested that for Halloween, he should show up in a suit and tie.  He has a great eye for how to put together colours, fabrics, and accessories, and what's more important, he has a great sense of humour and knows how to have fun with his clothes.  Personally, I wish there were more people in London who allowed their inner selves to be reflected in their sartorial choices, because it's people like Joel who make London a more interesting place to live.


  1. Joel (and Kelly) are mine and my husband's favourite people in the market, they're both fun and wonderful and just have such a positive energy! I'm so happy to see him featured here!

  2. He always makes me smile! He is just so darn pleasant and always seems to love what he is doing... his happiness is infectious!