Monday, November 29, 2010

Got Your Ears On?

This young woman in the adorable hat is Ira Rott, a Crochet Designer who makes some of the cutest baby hats and footwear I've ever seen (not that I spend a lot of time looking at those things, but if I knew someone who was having a baby, I would have bought them a pair of the too-cute-for-words booties).  Her designs for babies and children can be found on Etsy here.  Apparently some of her hats, such as the one she's wearing here, also come in adult sizes.

Points to anyone who can identify what I'm referring to in the title of this post--it probably means you're over 40.


  1. Cute! (But despite being over 40, I did have to look up "Got Your Ears On?")

  2. I loved her stuff! I bought a beautiful long-tailed, multi-coloured adult toque that was the envy of everyone at the show.

    Laurie, whose ears will be warm, even if they're not on