Friday, September 17, 2010


If you have an interest in women's studies and history, taken an art history course through Western's Continuing Studies, or are part of London's Jewish community, you have probably met one, or both, of the Halpern sisters, Monda and Sonia.  They're rather hard to miss, with their larger-than-life personalities that belie their small stature, their signature masses of hair, and their unique and colourful fashion sense.  Monda, in the photo above, teaches in Western's History department, and Sonia, in the photo below, in Women's Studies.  Both are passionately enthusiastic about their fields of interest, and are popular instructors on campus.  I had the pleasure of running into both of them, within minutes of each other, and they were dressed for fall in their stylish and brightly coloured jackets.  I also had to admire Sonia's adorable ruffled bag.

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